Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm still adjusting to life down here and it has not been easy.
I enjoy walking to and from work everyday. Yesterday, I walked to the Metro to buy ingredients for the dinner I was going to make for my family and had to walk a couple of blocks with bags of groceries, I considered it my workout for the day. I cooked spinach, mushroom, green onion, cheese and turkey omelets with a side of shredded olluco (a small potato from Peru) and fresh salsa. It turned out really well. Cooking has been very helpful- I love doing it and I get to introduce my family to a sometimes new and healthy meal. Next week I think I'm going to make a chicken tortilla soup and taco salad. Cooking dinner is the highlight of my Monday. Soccer is the highlight of my Wednesday.
I badly miss Church and small group and the amazing fellowship of Christian brothers and sisters that I had in San Diego. I still haven't been able to go to a church service, since I'm still trying to figure out transportation details. There is a Calvary Chapel church down here that I would like to go to. I really want to make it there- I desperately need the Christian fellowship. I've had to rely on God so much these past couple of weeks. Life away from everything that was comfortable- independence, a car, Church, small group, family and friends, being able to clearly communicate has not been easy. Communication and being misunderstood has been very challenging for me, these past couple of weeks have been trying. If you read this, please think of me in prayer.


Alli said...

Hi Felice! Your dinners sound really good! The first couple weeks of life in a new country are always hard, and I'm sorry that you've been having a hard time adjusting. I'm glad that you have soccer and cooking to kind of ease the transition. I'm so impressed with what you're doing, and you'll definitely be in my thoughts!

Mity said...

Hi Felice, I am so sorry to hear that you are having trouble adjusting. Once you get into the church and make friends there, I am sure things will get easier.

In the meanwhile, I've sent you a Skype request. When you are available next, let me know and I'll set the laptop in front of Wowi so you two can chat.

Until soon,
Tia Mity

CVSURF said...

Hey Felice, love your blog. Stay strong. You will be in mine and Julies prayers.

John Carter