Friday, May 28, 2010

Week 1

Wow! What a week. I have 30 minutes to write a blog. I'm going to my host families grandpa's birthday party tonight. I feel like I have been here for a month already. I've done so much...I started working pretty much on Tuesday..Wednesday was more work..Thursday I got to go to a meeting at the US Embassy for work...that was awesome! Today, was by far the best day of the week. I was able to go to Independencia, one of the poorest parts of Lima...all of my trips to Mexico through Tijuana House Building Ministry and Viidaii...everything I read could have not have prepared me for what I saw and experienced today. I can't describe it all in the next 20 minutes that I have. I'm still trying to process everything in my head. Anyway, I will be working there..hopefully 4 days a week..working with a doctor who runs the medical clinic and does pretty much all of the public health/health promotion in this area. I'm so excited...his project focus that is coming up is children under 5 and physical screenings, I'm so excited to work with him. The medical clinic that he had was so small. Anyway, I have to go soon. Another memory...on the car ride to Independencia was speaking Spanish with a German..that was a new experience for me. I'm so glad that I have Spanish speaking ability is helping so much with forming relationships and getting work done. I do miss home as well, but prayer and keeping busy is helping. I know that I'm never alone. Ciao.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

16 Days

I cried today. I've cried a lot lately. When I was a baby and first learned how to walk, I cried then too. I cry when things in my life change-even if it is for the better. I will probably be like my grandma who cries at everything, I'm smiling now just thinking about how she could turn any normal conversation into a emotional conversation because she will start crying about something. I love my family...I really do. So I have 16 days left here and I'm trying to be prepared as possible. This week I have my tetanus shot on Monday and I have to go to the doctor on Wednesday for some medical stuff. I have so much to do! I need to make a list. Next weekend I'm visiting my grandmother and going to the Strawberry Festival in Oxnard (that is where I was born). I also need to start moving stuff into my parents house. The 24th will be here in no time.